Saturday, January 31, 2009

Playing with the camera

So today Roy and I did some playing with the camera. Yesterday Roy came up with a plan how to take pictures of cards flying. Today we improved the idea by learning how to have the camera remotely activate the flash (nifty feature we didn't know about). Here are some results (after 2 hours of photos).

In the afternoon Roy decided to try for macro pictures. He mounted +4 and +2 diapters on the 50mm lens. The result was a lens with very little range of focus --- here are few attempts where the focus was done by moving the camera forward/backward until satisfactory solution.

Our conclusion is that we need a real macro lens....

Friday, January 16, 2009

Two days in Eilat

After a long time I didn't go to Eilat for fun, Matan and I went down for two days. Both of us were in a tired mode, and so we went easy on the dives and managed only four dives. The camera case had all kinds of problems, and so I had pictures only from the first day, and in these the flash/controls did act up and so for most of the dive I had no flash and the controls were locked in a particular mode...

The old "amphebian" site

Impressionistic view of the "Pyramid"

A big fish inside the pyramid

A large spotted ray Matan found on the way back from the Pyramid

A nice beleny that waited patiently while I struggled with the camera