Friday, July 18, 2008

Setting out for dive safari

We started the trip in the afternoon. Avi Ofer picked me up from the university, we collected Tzipi and off we went down to eilat. We had pleasant discussions on the way through Eilat. There we did some shopping, met Inbal and Ben to collect some stuff and then drove to the border. There we waited for the group to assemble. To my surprise one of the people there was a guy I knew from Stanford, and then another fellow was my office mate during the MSC....

The group seemed like a balanced collection of people, most of them with a lot of diving experience. Together we are 11 people + two instructors (Boaz and a "local" called Peit, he is originally from the Netherland but lives in Sinai for many years).
After crossing the border, we loaded ourselves onto two vans, and drove south. We stopped at a resort to rent equipment for the few people who did not have it. Then we drove south to Dahab. At 3am we loaded on to the boat. We got a briefing about the boat, and then setup the equipment.
At 4am after a bath we got to get to sleep.

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