Sunday, October 9, 2011

Weekend Diving in Eilat

The last few times I dived (e.g., in the Gubal Area or Cyprus) I felt that my photography was off. I recently got the new (totally rewritten) edition of Martin Edge's "The Underwater Photographer". I read it from cover to cover. This is considered, for good reasons, the best book on the subject.

This long weekend trip was a chance to exercise some of the ideas and principles I read about while they were fresh in my mind. I felt that the result was a pleasant improvement.

Lion fish and soft corals

Frogfish sitting on an old rope knot 

Featherstarts (crinoidea) on a coral 

Many small shrimps

Tiny goby on a whip coral

A "night feather"

Frogfish at night, with extended bait

Trumpet fish displaying night pattern 

Large gorgonias 

Glass fish and soft coral

A fish hiding in the sand

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