Saturday, November 26, 2011

Short visit to Lyon

I attended a two day meeting in Lyon, the culinary capital of France. The hotel that was recommended to us was in the heart of the city, on the tip of the peninsula formed the two rivers who meet here: the Saone and the Rhone.

View of the Saone

I had time to stroll about a bit both on the way to the meeting venue in the École Normale Supérieure de Lyon and on the afternoon after the meeting.

Pl. Bellecoer

As usual when visiting france, the amazing bread and cheeses leave me wishing for more. The breakfasts are a divine experience, and then you must have croissant to finish it off.

We had a nice dinner as part of the meeting in an Art Deco restaurant.

Stop and Go, morning traffic


Art Deco Restaurant where we had dinner
The following day, after the meeting ended at lunch time, several of us went exploring the old town.

Old Town

Old Town
We climbed a steep flight of stairs to the top of the hill overlooking the old town.

Stairways up the hill

Basilica on top of the hill
From the top of the hill we proceeded toward the remains of two large Roman amphitheaters that overlook the city.

Roman ruins

Roman ruins

Street performers, Old town

Late afternoon view over the Saone

We stopped for a bite at a local boulangerie.

Looking at selection in a Boulangerie

In the evening I went for dinner at a local restaurant at the old town. It was very good and casual.

Early the next day I left on my way home through Frankfurt.

Sunrise, Frankfurt airport

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