Thursday, March 8, 2012

A quick trip to Eilat - lights and strobes

Another quick weekend trip to Eilat. On the way, we stopped in the desert and got to see Venus and Saturn bright on the night sky. The moon was full and so they were competing with a strong light from the east.

This time, one of the divers was a child, and so most of the dives where shallower. This actually increased the opportunities for taking pictures of wildlife.

In the night dive we got a chance to see the protective bubble formed by a parrotfish.

The water was full of jellyfish and their close cousins, and so I get a chance to get some photographs of these beautiful life forms.

A new object for exploration was a fiber optic appendage to my strobe that allowed for concentrated light. I am still learning, but so far it lead to interesting effects.

On our last dive we spent more than 15 minute with a octopus that was very sympathetic.

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