Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Arriving in Keflavik

When we took off from Vienna it was late twilight, almost night. As the plane headed north-west the sky become brighter and brighter. We experienced a "reverse sunset" on the west horizon.

Below us the sea was covered by a dense layer of clouds. As we started our decent we started crossing these layers, and the sky outside became darker and darker. We could see patches of land between the clouds, but didn't really get a feel for the geography.

On landing we realized that it is raining and foggy.

The airport is really small and we quickly got our luggage and went out through customs. We exchanged some euros to ISK, and took a taxi to our hotel. The hotel is in Keflavik, a small town on the shore just outside the airport. The taxi driver was very nice and we chatted about the weather (we learned that it dark due to the cloud overcast) and the roads. Apparently the ring road to the south is blocked due to a flood, but they expect to fix it in a week. This means that we can take the loop clockwise without a problem.

At the hotel we found that the cold water is really cold, and the hot water is really hot, and smells slightly sulfuric. Apparently they use hot spring waters.

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