Sunday, August 3, 2008

The way to Anchorage

We packed all the bags and cleaned the house we rented in Brookline. It is a warm humid day in Boston, and so we get hot and sweaty. Around 10:30-11 we finish the chores and some of us take a shower. Our flight is at 3:30 and we have time to kill, so we watch the first half of spiderman on the TV. We order a cab, and as usual, instead of a van (that we asked for) we get a regular cab. We manage to pack all of our stuff in and off we go to the airport.
We fly Boston to SF. We were afraid that thunderstorms will delay the flight, and were happy to see that all the flights are on time when we got the airport. After the first boarding call (platinum members), the announcer tells us that boarding is stopped due to weather. We say, "oh great" and go find a place to sit (the terminal is full). After 5 minutes they call us back and board us (we are at the back of the plane). But the outside is foggy and its raining. It takes quite a while before we take off. The flight itself is long and uneventful.
We land in SF, more or less on time (surprising given the delays) and go look for the connecting flight (we have an hour connection). To our surprise its the same gate we got off at. The same plane is continuing with us to Anchorage. The flight to Anchorage is again eventless, we see dim twilight throughout the flight although it is late evening. Only when we start going down to land it turns dark. We land and take a cab to the our hotel. Its 12:30 am here, 4:30am Boston time when we arrive, so we shower and go to bed.

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