Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Dive with Inbal and Ben

This morning was the first day off class. I also felt much better after being slightly sick. Since Matan and Co were on route, I had a date with Inbal (aka Miao666) and Ben (aka Spooky) to dive. It a while for them to get organized (Ben forgot his diving gear at home) but we
finally made it.

It was a very nice dive into the depth of the Coral Reef and returning through some coral bulk.

We run into a curious young octopus very early on.

From there we went down to the Gorgonia at 28m. In that depth I found a cute sea slug (nudibranch).

And we got to the gorgonia.

As we started up the slope we run into soft corals

and star fish. At that depth where there is very little red light, it doesn't look red at all (the flash compensates).

Finally in the shallow water we run into many fishes. Under a bridge (from the coral reserve) we see many fishes that hide in the shadows.

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