Sunday, October 12, 2008

Last day in Eilat

The night before we went out to celebrate my birthday and ERC grant, and so we didn't manage to squeeze in a night dive.

On our last day I started with a dive with Efrat. We decided to go to an area called Paradise that is beyond the Sateel. We went down to the Sateel and the water was full of dive instructors and their trainees. We got to the Sateel, and just before it I found this lovely star.

We continued past the wreck to the area beyond it. This is a relatively flat land-scape with many corals. For some reason we see very few fish in it, although it is lush with corals and hiding places. I do see many small fish as well as cleaners.

Although we are far from the wreck and can't see it. we keep hearing various noises, and in particular the shakers instructors use to get attentions of their group.

Returning through the wreck we stop on the deck to watch the view.

And get a nice glimpse of the command structure covered with soft corals (and various memorial placks).

On the next dive I went with Matan. He decided he also wants to explore next to the Sateel, but this time north of it.

Going down I finally got a good shot of a cleaner shrimp on a sea anemone.

After a while we run across a heavy chain. We follow it and find a anchor thrown on the sand. Apparently a ship above us throw an anchor and the chain that dangled from it broke all kind of corals (we reported this to the authorities when we came out).

On the way back we find various small creatures.

And thats the end of a week in Eilat. We pack up, call home, and start driving back to Jerusalem.

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