Thursday, October 9, 2008

Twilight dive with Matan & Arnon

After Matan and Efrat settled in to the hotel, they finally started thinking of diving. However, by the time we had set out it was a bit late. I had a little acident while doning the dive equipment on my back and fell flat on my face on the road (starting from kneeling position, so this was not a big drop). Got my self a nasty scratch on my forehead.

After recovering from that we walked across the road to the beach, and saw many of the people involved in dinner already assembled on the porch of Bar-Beach. After saying the proper hellos, we got into the water. My scraches stinged terribely upon entering the water, but after few minutes I got to used to it.

The plan was to dive to the Yatush (again). Unlike the previous dive where my companions navigated straight to it, in this dive we actually never found it. Moreover, since it was late afternoon when we got in, and dark when we emerged, the visibility was terrible. Both Arnon and I had modeling lights on our camera gear, but Matan had none. So he spent the dive trying to see stuff in the dark (which is hard if there are lights around to screw with your night vision).

In spite of being half blind Matan did manage to spot few goodies. Such as a big shrimp

And two friends holding "hands"

This creatures come out at night to catch food from the water

Matan located this small hermit crab due to its illumenescense. I didn't see that, but took its picture anyhow

When we came out the holiday dinner was already going strong. We quickly washed ourselves and to the equipment off and joined the others.

Due to the head-bang and the ongoing sickness I decided to skip a night dive after dinner, promising to do that the next day.

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