Saturday, October 11, 2008

Dive with Spooky

After the morning dive, Matan didn't feel that well and went to sleep. After a while Spoky came by and asked whether I would be interested in joining him for a dive.
We started by diving next to a bouey and I took picture of one of the knots on the line that is fraying.

From there we went south and deeper and visited the gorgonia in the coral reserve (around 30m).

On the way back up we found various sea anemone

We got to Sela Moshe, which as usual was swarming with life. I tried to get a sense of some of the texture one can find there.

Finally, we returned along the reef of the reserve. Under one of the bridges that allow snorklers to pass the reef there was a school of trumpet fish. By waiting patiently I managed to get one of them in a decent portrait.

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