Thursday, October 9, 2008

Yatush with Shay and Robert

Returning to the Manta grounds I run into Shay and Robert who came down to enjoy the holiday. Matan and Efrat arrived and started to deal with logistics. After a while I was starting to get fed up at waiting in my suit. Shay suggested I'd join them, and so we went down to a dive to the Yatush.

Shay is a big guy with a hat against the sun...

We got to the Yatush, a small scouting vessel in the Navi that was sunk at about 30m, and took few picture of fish. There were also many shrimps but their pictures did not come out nice.

Going north from the Yatush we run into various corals and constructions. One of them had a rope which was the basis for many colorful soft-corrals.

Around there we run into various coral fishes

In particular a baleny,

Going up the slope we see a supermarket cart standing on its wheel. This cart is here for quite a while and so covered with growth. Inside I find a huge frog fish sitting patiently waiting for pray. It is very obvious on the background of human-made stuff, including rabish inside the cart.

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