Wednesday, October 8, 2008

DM Course - First leg

After a long wait my Dive Master course has started. I took a bus on Sunday morning to join a two students in the class that were taking Rescue Course (which I did last June) and spend the next two days in the first part of the Dive Master course.

The course itself is interesting as it deals with questions of how to deal with emergencies, how to navigate, and other diving skills. Our two days were dedicated mostly to Navigation and depth diving (which is no big deal, yet requires to be done first in class).

I didn't take many photos as most dives were focused on various tasks, but on Sunday I went with one of the pupils (Michael) for a night dive and here are few photos.

Here is a special type of sea-star that is usually buried under the sand, but here we found it walking on the outside

We then run into a cuttlefish (calamri) that tried to evade me. This is a really beautiful animal, but a very hard one to photograph. Afterward we saw a flock of these guys swimming below the water surface (no pictures).

Our next photographed find is a nice eal that is different than the types we usually see in Eilat.

The last picture is of a weird animal that comes out at night to catch plankton. (I need to find their proper English name, in Hebrew they are called חבצלות).

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